Feb 132017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter, course setter:

I finished setting the courses at Pineridge yesterday (Saturday), skiing on great snow. Today (Sunday) we are living in a blizzard. The week ahead appears to hold temperatures at or below freezing, with some possible snow showers. In other words, the skiing is/will-almost-certainly-be: fantastic. This is the best skiing we have had in the near-Capital District region in at least 3 years. You really owe to yourself to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

The Pineridge event will be a Ski-O and Snowshoe/Ski Score-O. Rather than attaching the Notes/Rules, I am posting them to my Dropbox, and you can download them here:

Word – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39392467/2017%20Pineridge%20Winter%20Event%20Notes%20and%20Rules.docx

PDF – https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39392467/2017%20Pineridge%20Winter%20Event%20Notes%20and%20Rules.pdf

Check the Pineridge web site conditions page for updates on snow conditions closer to the date:


If you could send me an e-mail (philht@gmail.com) if you plan to attend (and what course you would plan to use), that would help me have the correct number of maps available. But, don’t worry if your plans must change, and come even if you don’t tell me in advance (I’ll be able to print more maps on site if necessary).


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