Feb 142017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter, course setter, about skating at Pineridge:

I can only tell you what I experienced on Saturday, and point to what is on the Pineridge “Conditions” page. Yes, the solid green lines are supposed to be skateable, and those trails are wide enough to be skated; but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be groomed that way. As of Saturday, they were not. Generally the case was that there had been two passes by the snowmobile groomer, one each way. The track set (when there was one) was to the side, each way, but the middle was frequently ungroomed, so you had track-groomed-ungroomed-groomed-track across the trail.

The page on the web site as of Monday says 0k (that’s Zero kilometers) groomed for skating. I’d keep an eye on that, and try to be prepared for either. It will certainly be safer to plan on classic, but with only a little new snow expected this week, they may have time to do a better/fuller grooming job.

Pineridge does not possess Big-Cat grooming equipment. It is all done by snowmobiles pulling rollers with a ski-track setter to the side.


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