Dec 132017

Dec 11 update from director Eric Hamilton:

Ski Orienteering is on for Sunday, December 17 at Lapland Lake. Please pass the word! They received all snow today and were able to groom all the trails to the east of the lodge except Tunturi. They will be open for skiing tomorrow and hope to have Sisu and many of the trails on the western side opened. The exception is the upper Karhu loops that need more snow to be safely groomed and skied.

I will not be able to get up there until Friday, so I may not be able to provide insight into course design before you arrive for registration between 11 AM and 1 PM on Sunday. I will try to keep it simple with no tricky situations considering that I have only been on skis once this season. You can see Lapland Lake’s trail condition report here. Don’t look now; look after they update tomorrow morning …say after 9 AM?


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