Stina Bridgeman

Jan 102018

From meet director and course setter Phil Hawkes-Teeter: final update of the meet notes and rules (PDF) Changes from the last version: Clues will be printed on the back of your map, and will include English translation. They are also available separately in advance. The “Logged area” symbol is used to cover more than just (read more)

Partridge Run 1/13 updates

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Dec 232017

Detailed event notes have been posted: 2018 Partridge Run event notes (if the link is not active, click the post title to get an active link)

Lapland Lake course information

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Dec 142017

Dec. 14 update from Eric Hamilton: What I have planned for are four courses: White for Novices, BKYSL, family groups 1.8 k straight line distances and 6 controls Yellow for F<16, F<19, F70+ for about 3.2 k and 10 controls Green: M<16, M<19, F40+, F55+, M55+, M70+, for 4.5 k and 19 controls Red: F19+, (read more)

Lapland Lake ski-o ON!

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Dec 132017

Dec 11 update from director Eric Hamilton: Ski Orienteering is on for Sunday, December 17 at Lapland Lake. Please pass the word! They received all snow today and were able to groom all the trails to the east of the lodge except Tunturi. They will be open for skiing tomorrow and hope to have Sisu (read more)

Ski Orienteering Championships

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Mar 182017

From Eric Hamilton, 3/16: I set out controls today for the NYSSRA Championships Sunday at Lapland Lake. Conditions were beautiful. The crews were able to keep ahead of the 20 inches of snow and all trails are excellently groomed. The snow is still quite cold making skiing slow. I found it refreshing to ski on (read more)

Cumming Nature Center 2/19 – update

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Feb 142017

On Sunday, February 19th the Rochester Orienteering Club and the Cumming Nature Center will co-sponsor a “try orienteering “ event at the Cumming Nature Center near Naples, New York.   (It does not count towards the NYSSRA ski-o points series.)  Participants will receive a map with circles representing control points drawn on the the map. They (read more)

Pineridge 2/18 – more info

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Feb 142017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter, course setter, about skating at Pineridge: I can only tell you what I experienced on Saturday, and point to what is on the Pineridge “Conditions” page. Yes, the solid green lines are supposed to be skateable, and those trails are wide enough to be skated; but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will (read more)

Pineridge 2/18 – ON! (pretty sure)

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Feb 132017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter, course setter: I finished setting the courses at Pineridge yesterday (Saturday), skiing on great snow. Today (Sunday) we are living in a blizzard. The week ahead appears to hold temperatures at or below freezing, with some possible snow showers. In other words, the skiing is/will-almost-certainly-be: fantastic. This is the best skiing we (read more)