1.  There will be no limit in the numbers of participants for the ESWG in the 2015 – 2016 season.
  2.  Any athlete may compete in the ESWG provided (s)he has completed a Nordic ski competitive event (e.g. ski orienteering, nordic skiing, biathlon) since February 1, 2015. Athletes under the age of 18 may compete with no requirements. Note that Empire State Winter Games rules now require that all individuals must compete in the same generic class in all sports in which they enter into the Empire State Winter Games. Thus, while you may compete in any class possible for your age, you cannot compete (for instance) in a “Masters” class in Cross Country or Biathlon, and then compete in the “Open” class in Ski-O. You will have to compete either “Open” in all, or “Masters” in all (in the appropriate grouping as divided by the different competitions).
  3.  Any athlete must pre-register for the ESWG prior to the deadline to compete.