NYSSRA – Nordic Championships

  1.  Each competitor must enter a minimum of two qualifying races and successfully complete one, in the class in which you wish to compete at the NYSSRA – Nordic Championships. Scholastic competitors may qualify by entering and successfully completing only one race, IF they submit a written petition the Ski-O Chairperson, and can demonstrate that they could not enter more Ski-O races due to conflicts with other Nordic ski competitive events . Petitions must be received by Chris Frielinghaus not later than 10 days prior to the Championship 2016 (cfrielingh@aol.com 97 Mannis Road, Queensbury, NY 12804, 518-793-9031).
  2.  If someone qualifies in more than one class, it will be assumed they will compete at the the NYSSRA – Nordic Championships in the class wherein they earned the most points. Otherwise, they MUST advise Chris Frielinghaus of their preferred class by 10 days prior to the Championship 2016.
  3.  A maximum of 10 racers in each class will compete at the NYSSRA – Nordic Championships. In classes where more than 10 persons qualify, the top 10 who express intent to compete will participate in the NYSSRA – Nordic Championships. Ranking is determined by the Points Standings, which are outlined below.
  4.  Anyone who qualifies may compete in the NYSSRA – Nordic Championships event, but only the following competitors may be considered as NYSSRA – Nordic Champions medalists or for ranking:
  • a current member of an orienteering club based in New York state and chartered by the United States Orienteering Federation (USOF)


  • a current member of the New York State Ski Racing Association – Nordic, Inc. (NYSSRA – Nordic)