NYSSRA ski-o champs – event notes

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Feb 192019


This will be a 2 day competition with prizes awarded to the male and female finishers with the lowest combined times for the 2 races in 3 age categories (under 20, 20-49 and over 50 years) per course. Racers who can compete in one event only will not qualify for prizes but are of course more than welcome to participate!

Please email Janet at jfindlay@roadrunner.com if you plan to attend so we’re sure to have enough maps; include the courses you plan to race, your SI number, your age plus any questions you may have.

Entry fees: $20 per race or $35 for 2 races. Fee includes daily trail pass. Please pay fee at Ski-O registration.

Saturday – Mt. van Hoevenburg
Course Setter – David Hunter
Registration 9-10 am in the cross-country lounge; Start window 10 – noon
Courses: Introductory (2 km; 5 controls)
Short (6 km; 9 controls)
Long (11 km; 14 controls)
Map Scale 1:10,000 for Intro and Short Courses; 1:11,000 for Long; 5 m. contour interval
Maximum Course Time 3 hours; Courses close at 3 pm.

One way arrows on map MUST be adhered to. One way trail signs may be disregarded but please take special care to avoid oncoming skiers when skiing against regular traffic flow, especially on hills. A Citizens’ cross country race will be starting at 1 pm; if you find yourself on the race course please keep to the side of the trail and avoid interfering with other racers.
Sunday – Dewey Mountain Recreational Area, Saranac Lake
Course Setter – Phil Hawkes-Teeter
Registration 9-10 am; Start window 10 – noon
Map 1:5000; 2.5 m contour interval
Courses: Introductory (2.5 km; 7 controls; 1 map)
Short (4 km; 11 controls; 2 maps)
Long (5 km; 14 controls; 2 maps)
Maximum course time 2 hours; Courses close at 2 pm.

All controls will be placed on main trails. Snowshoe trails may be used for navigation. One way trail signs may be disregarded but please take special care to avoid oncoming skiers when skiing against regular traffic flow, especially on steep downhills.

Cumming Nature Center ski-o 2/17 – SNOW!

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Feb 162019

Snow conditions are good enough at CNS to offer three regular Ski O courses, beginner, Intermediate and advanced. People are also welcome to do the courses on foot or with snowshoes. People on foot run on the side of the ski trails. The club will not be providing food for this meet because the Nordic (read more)

Ski-o Schedule Update / NYSSRA Ski-o Champs Info

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Feb 132019

With last night’s snowfall, plus more on the way today and Friday, conditions have improved considerably and we’ve rescheduled our 2 day ski-o weekend for Feb. 23-24.  Saturday’s event will be at Mt. van Hoevenburg in conjunction with the Citizens’ cross country race, while Sunday’s will be at Dewey Mt. in Saranac Lake.  These events (read more)

Ski-o weekend 2/9-10 POSTPONED

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Feb 072019

It’s with deep regret that we’ve made the decision to postpone the 2 ski-o events scheduled for this weekend, Feb. 9-10.  We’ve experienced wildly fluctuating temperatures here in the Lake Placid area this week, and trails at Dewey and the VIC are mostly down to a bare ice base, leaving nothing for the grooming machines (read more)

Ski-o Weekend 2/9-10 update

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Feb 042019

Saturday’s race will be held at Dewey Mt. in Saranac Lake. Registration opens at 9:30 and the start window is from 10:30 – noon. Race director is Phil Hawkes-Teeter and there will be 3 courses: Short – 2.8 km; 9 controls; 1 map Middle – 3.9 km; 10 controls; 2 maps Long – 5.6 km; (read more)

Garnet Hill 1/27 update

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Jan 242019

Registration is in the ski lodge. Registration opens at 10:30am with starts 11am-1pm for both ski- and snowshoe-o. 3 hour time limit for ski-o, 2 hours for snowshoe-o. The cost is a Garnet Hill trail pass; no additional fee for the orienteering. Compasses available to rent for $1. Courses, with straight line distance, map scale, (read more)

Ski-O in Vermont

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Jan 242019

Ski Orienteering in Craftsbury 2019: Sunday Feb 17th. At Craftsbury Outdoor Center   – registration starts 9:30am   – race starts from 10am-Noon    -beginner clinics at 10 and 11 am    – 2 middle distance courses that can be run back-to back to make a long distance. Mostly on the wide-groomed trails.   – (read more)

Mendon Ponds 1/26 update

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Jan 242019

Registration and starts 10-12 at Cavalry Lodge. Three courses will be available:  beginner 2.4km, 8 controls intermediate 4.7km, 10 controls advanced 7.0km, 15 controls For SIAC users, AIR+ mode will be active (at least that’s the plan).

Mt Van Hoevenberg ski-o 1/19 update

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Jan 162019

From course setter Janet Findlay — Due to winter storm Harper which will be moving into our area sometime Saturday afternoon, we’ve decided to move the start window forward for Saturday’s ski-o race to allow participants to get on the road home earlier. There’s a lot going on that day at van Ho and we’ll (read more)

Mt Van Hoevenberg ski-o 1/19 details

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Jan 152019

Registration in lounge of cross country lodge Start Window noon – 2 pm Courses close at 4 pm SI timing 3 courses – Introductory (3.4 km, 9 controls); Short Advanced (5.8 km, 11 controls); Long Advanced (9.8 km, 19 controls) Price: $5 for season pass holders; $20 for all others (no day pass required – (read more)