Jan 162019

From course setter Janet Findlay —

Due to winter storm Harper which will be moving into our area sometime Saturday afternoon, we’ve decided to move the start window forward for Saturday’s ski-o race to allow participants to get on the road home earlier. There’s a lot going on that day at van Ho and we’ll have to be flexible, but we’ll try to get folks going as early as 10 am if they want.  We’ll keep the window open til 2 pm as previously advertised so if you weren’t planning to arrive til later, no problem.  Please keep in mind we’ll have to work around a kids’ introductory ski-o session beginning at 9 am plus the Citizens’ xcountry race starting at 11 so you may have to wait a few minutes, but we’ll do our best to get you going as soon as we can.

Jan 112019

It appears that ski-o has been dropped from this year’s ESWG – this comes as a surprise, as no one in ski-o or NYSSRA appears to have been consulted or notified about the decision and there has not yet been any official response to inquiries. As it is likely too late to reinstate ski-o for (read more)

Jan 102019

There’s some snow at Mendon Ponds but it’s hard to know if things will be skiable on Sunday…regardless of conditions, there will be orienteering at Hopkins Point 10am-1pm!  Beginner course only; this is a “try-it” event.  Instruction will be available.  No entry fee. Experienced orienteers can check out the winter training course (see the ROC (read more)

Mt Van Hoevenberg 12/29 – Try-it event only

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Dec 262018

From Janet Findlay, course setter — While most trails at Mt. van Hoevenburg are open at present conditions are marginal, and with another rainstorm moving in on Friday they are likely to deteriorate significantly by Saturday.  Therefore we’ve decided with regret to cancel the annual Ho Ho-O scheduled for Saturday, the 29th.  We will go (read more)

Lapland Lake 12/15 course notes update

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Dec 142018

From course setter Eric Hamilton — Lapland Lake got over an inch of cold new snow during the time I was setting out controls yesterday.  It has been cold and dry enough so that wet spots Tyler and I had encountered a couple of weeks ago have now frozen.  Trails that are open have have (read more)

Lapland Lake 12/15 event notes

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Dec 122018

From course setter Eric Hamilton — Early course design comes up with the following tentative courses subject to vetting tomorrow.  All distances are straight line. White course 1.6 k with 6 controls (Novices, BKYSL, family groups) Orange 2.85 k with 9 controls (F<16, F<19, F70+) Green 4.4 k with 11 controls (M<16, M<19, F40+, F55+, M55+, (read more)

Lapland Lake 12/15 UPDATE

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Dec 122018

From course setter Eric Hamilton — Ski orienteering at Lapland Lake is on for Saturday.  Terrain will be somewhat limited so we might have more than one map for all but the white course.  Trails are generally in better shape on the west side of system and there are some wet spots where the snow (read more)

2018-2019 Ski-O Event Schedule

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Nov 252018

Here are the dates that I have at this point. Dec. 15  Lapland Lake  EMPO last days of Dec. TBA    Try-It  at Mt. Van Hoevenberg Jan. 13   ROC Winterfest Jan. 26   Mendon Ponds    ROC Feb. 2-3  Empire State Games Feb. 9  Kinns Road    EMPO Feb. 17  Cummings Nature Center    ROC Mar. (read more)