Season Opener Dec. 18

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Dec 152022

The first ski-o event of the season will be held on Sunday, Dec. 18 at Lapland Lake. Start window will be from 11 am – 1:30 pm and SI timing will be used. Trail fees are $25 per person ($20 for seniors) and include your ski-o entry fee. More details posted at Check website on Saturday in case of updates after storm.

2022-23 Ski-O Schedule

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Nov 232022

Our traditional season opener will be held at Lapland Lake on Dec. 18. A Snogaine type course will be set up at Switzkill Farm/Cole Hill near Berne during the month of January, and the Rochester O Club will be organizing several activities throughout the winter in their area of western NY. Our big event will (read more)

ESG Course Notes Posted

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Feb 012022

Course notes for the ESG Ski-O event on Feb. 5 at Mt. van Hoevenberg have been posted at Start times will be posted later this week. We are looking forward to a great event with SI timing, good attendance and great ski conditions!

Ski-O Courses out at Harriet Hollister!

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Jan 252022

The Rochester O Club has put out several ski-o courses at Harriet Hollister. Conditions are great since last week’s big snowfall and it’s a perfect opportunity to get out, have some fun and brush up on your o-skills. More information at, this is the final week to try the Partridge Run Course south-west of (read more)

January Update

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Jan 072022

A mini-Snowgaine course has been set out at Partridge Run near Berne, NY. Any type of non-motorized transportation is permitted and markers will be left out until January 31. The course is also available on UsynligO. See further details at A ski-o event will be held, weather permitting, as part of the Empire State (read more)

Ski-O Plans for the Coming Season

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Dec 122021

The rapidly changing covid situation along with unfavorable weather conditions is making it difficult to plan events for the upcoming season. As of today (Dec. 12) it looks like our annual pre-Christmas event at Lapland Lake will not be possible due to mild weather. Phil Hawkes-Teeter is planning a snogaine score-o type of event in (read more)

Ski-O Courses in the Rochester Area

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Feb 062021

Our friends at the Rochester OC have set out several ski-o courses in the area. They’re in the Usynligo data base and can be enjoyed as long as the snow lasts. More information at

Course Notes for van Ho Ski-O

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Feb 042021

Course notes for the van Hoevenberg Ski-O Feb. 6 – March 7 are now online at Conditions are superb right now – hope you can get out and enjoy a great event!

Two New Events on the Calendar

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Feb 022021

Eric Hamilton has put out 4 courses at Garnsey Park in Rexford. They’ll be up from Feb. 3-8 – registration and details at Please avoid Saturday morning as there will be a number of other ski events going on in the park.And David Hunter has designed 3 courses for Mt. van Hoevenberg which will (read more)

Ski-O Finally Underway!

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Jan 232021

We finally have enough snow to put out some ski-o courses! Phil Hawkes-Teeter has organized a non-contact score-o event at Switzkill Farms while Eric Hamilton has placed controls for several courses at Lapland Lake. Both events are self-timed and can be completed anytime until Sunday, Jan. 31. You can find more details at Get (read more)