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Please note: day of race entries will be accepted for a fee of $25 per race.
Post entrants will not be eligible for medals nor for ESG clothing.

Saturday, Feb. 4
Cascade Ski Touring Centre
4833 Cascade Road (Rte 73), Lake Placid, NY

Cascade is a small, family-owned and operated ski touring center with a well established clientele. The trails are narrow and picturesque, running through mainly coniferous forest. There are some steep hills and all trails have set classic tracks. Although one way signs can be ignored, please be courteous to other skiers as you pass and always give downhill skiers the right of way. There is a small cafeteria at Cascade which offers a wholesome lunch menu; plan to take advantage of this after your race! More information at http://www.cascadeski.com.

Classic equipment (skis, boots and poles) and technique are mandatory for Saturday’s event. Skiers with freestyle equipment will not be allowed to start their race. Classic equipment is available for rent at the Centre.

Most courses will cross on to the Mt. van Hoevenburg trail system for at least a couple of controls; you can ignore the “trail pass required” signs as you enter the trails and any one way sign you may encounter while over there.

First starts at 11 am. Day of race entrants please arrive well before 11 am as you will be starting ahead of pre-registered skiers.

Course lengths (anticipated course lengths as opposed to straight line):
Male/Female – 16 and under – 5 km
M/F – 18 and under – 6 km
M/F – 19-39 yrs – 10 km
M/F – 40-54 yrs – 8 km
Female 55-69 – 6 km
Male 55-69 – 8 km
M/F 70+ – 6 km

Sunday, Feb. 5
Mt. Van Hoevenberg, Cross Country Stadium

Sunday’s event will be run from the timing building across the field from the cross country stadium. This is a freestyle event; first starts will be at 10 am.

Be aware that there are some red one way arrows on the map. They are there to help prevent head on collisions with recreational skiers on the trails, and are the only one-ways you have to obey. You do not have to obey the one way or directional signs on the trails but you must abide by the arrows on the map. Failure to do so is grounds for disqualification. If you see that you are going against traffic and there are no red arrows you are ok, but please smile and give the other skiers plenty of room.

Sunday’s race is a Score-O format. Controls will have point values of 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 points based on the control number. A penalty for late finishes will be assessed at 5 points per minute for the 1st 10 minutes overtime, and 10 points per minute for 11-20 minutes overtime. All points forfeited for 21+ minutes overtime.
Time limits:
Male/Female – 16 and under – 90 minutes
M/F – 18 and under – 90 minutes
M/F – 19-39 yrs – 2 hours
M/F – 40-54 yrs – 2 hours
Female 55-69 – 90 minutes
Male 55-69 – 90 minutes
M/F 70+ – 90 minutes
For further information please contact Janet Findlay, jfindlay@roadrunner.com.
There is plenty of snow in Lake Placid and ski conditions are superb! We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Empire Orienteering Club
Sue Hawkes-Teeter, Registrar
Phil Hawkes-Teeter, Timer
Janet Findlay, Course Setter
David Hunter, Course Designer and Setter


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