Jan 102018

From meet director and course setter Phil Hawkes-Teeter:

  • final update of the meet notes and rules (PDF)

Changes from the last version:

  • Clues will be printed on the back of your map, and will include English translation. They are also available separately in advance.
  • The “Logged area” symbol is used to cover more than just “Clear-cut” logging, as there are some areas with serious logging but many remaining trees. As I placed controls I kept discovering more newly logged areas, both clear-cut and partial, so they may not all be depicted on the map. Also, there are some areas where DEC has been clearing brush, but not logging, and these may appear somewhat similar on the ground, but don’t have the density of “slash” to be avoided.
  • The rules regarding crossing ponds and marshes are unchanged, but because of the weather warming beginning today (Wednesday) and continuing through Saturday, you are advised to be cautious, and crossing any water is at your own risk.

As previously stated, if you plan to come, it would help if I (philht@gmail.com) knew that for printing purposes. Plus, you’ll get a map in a heat-sealed bag (if that’s what you want). But, I’ll have plenty of maps, so come along whether or not you tell me in advance.

As to what to expect for conditions and what equipment to use (which everyone seems to want to know ahead of time), I can only say the following:

  • As of mid-day Wednesday, when I placed the final controls, the trails and unplowed roads were quite skiable. I skied over a snowshoe track, a snowmobile track, and an untracked path.
  • For two controls I just used boots, and except for deep snow on the edges of the roads, that worked fine.
  • In general, there is 3-6 inches of snow on the ground. Windblown areas and places under dense tree cover have less; some places which take in those drifts have more.
  • If I were to choose equipment at this moment, I would likely opt for very light racing snowshoes (not that I have any), which are easy-off/easy-on/easy-carry, and while not necessary for the snow depth, will likely keep you from falling through the frost-heaves under the snow, which you can’t see.
  • That said, if you are a better skier than I am (and most are), you can potentially cover more ground faster on skis. The downside for skis is that the plowed roads mostly do not seem to offer easy “ski along the edge” possibilities. But, that too could change.

Beyond that, just check the weather. As of this moment we are supposed to have rain on Friday, and then light snow on Saturday. You will have as long as you want to test the conditions in choosing equipment on Saturday. I’ll be there by 10:30 to register and advise folks, and you can try the woods anywhere in the immediate area, as there are no close-by controls.

Finally, if you are leading kids or not taking this competitively at all, that’s fine. You don’t need to spend 4 hours in the woods; just spend as much time as you enjoy.


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