Dec 122018

From course setter Eric Hamilton —

Early course design comes up with the following tentative courses subject to vetting tomorrow.  All distances are straight line.

  • White course 1.6 k with 6 controls (Novices, BKYSL, family groups)
  • Orange 2.85 k with 9 controls (F<16, F<19, F70+)
  • Green 4.4 k with 11 controls (M<16, M<19, F40+, F55+, M55+, M70+) and
  • Red 6.5 k with 18 controls on two maps (front and back) (F19+, M19+, M40+).

When skiing there earlier this month Tyler and I noticed that some of the “old rides” are slowly disappearing in new growth and storm blowdown of old growth.

You have permission to go against one way traffic during our event only, and only if you give way to others going the “correct direction”. This means to stay well over to the right side of the trail and well out of the way of any downhill skier. Most courses have at least one segment where the course setter’s favored route is over a segment of one way trail in the wrong direction. Ski safe, but, yes, you can go the wrong way at Lapland Lake… during our event only.

You are also allowed to remove your skis when bushwhacking, but I would not recommend it.  The snow is a foot deep off trail, but I can guarantee there is mud below from all the October and early Nov rains.  You must carry all your equipment with you and DO NOT track mud onto the machined trails or snowshoe trails when you come out of the woods.


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