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Webster Park 2/11 – ON!!!

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Feb 102017

Ski quick before the snow melts! From Doug Hall, course setter: Yes. Plan B for the Ski-O is … a Ski-O! Webster is receiving significant lake effect snow. I haven’t been over to the park yet today, but  based on accumulation in the neighborhood, it looks very promising for skiing everywhere in the park. It (read more)

Pineridge – POSTPONED to 2/18

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Jan 262017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter, course setter: I went to Pineridge Thursday, and the skiing was actually pretty decent. But, I am postponing the event anyway. It has been raining off-and-on, and also been quite warm, and I could already see signs of the existing snow deteriorating (open water, rocks, the corduroy crossing the marsh was almost (read more)

Pineridge 1/28 – status

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Jan 262017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter, course setter: I am going to try to hold it, but as of yet I am not sure how well the snow will hold up. Pineridge was open today, and I plan to visit tomorrow (Thursday), and start setting the courses if that seems viable. I hope to be able to make (read more)

Pineridge 1/28 – status

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Jan 192017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter: It is not looking good for our planned Ski & Snowshoe-O on January 28, at Pineridge XC. Yes, there is still a week plus to go, but the weather forecast is not propitious. If I end up re-scheduling the event, the only remaining date with no conflicts with other NY Ski-O events (read more)

Mendon Ponds 1/15 – course information

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Jan 132017

From course setter Gary Maslanka: The snow is long gone and the event will be a foot-o. The courses will be beginner, intermediate, long intermediate, and long advanced. Length and number of controls are as follows. Beginner – 10 controls, 1.9 km Intermediate – 9 controls, 3.6 km Long intermediate – 12 controls, 5.5 km (read more)

Mendon Ponds 1/15 – update

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Jan 112017

Sadly, there is pretty much zero chance of ski-o at Mendon this weekend – but Winterfest goes on, and there will be orienteering!  Bring your running shoes. Starts 11:30-2pm at Hopkins Point Lodge; registration opens at 11am.

Pineridge 1/28 info

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Jan 062017

From Phil Hawkes-Teeter: Preliminary course information: red – 9.6km, 300m climb, 20 controls (M19, F19, M40) green – 7.3k,m 240m climb, 11 controls (F40, M55, M18, F18) orange – 5.2km, 120m climb, 9 controls (F16, M16, F55, M70) white – 2.0km, 50m climb, 7 controls (F70) snowshoe score-o – long (2 hours, 35 controls available) (read more)