About Ski-O


Ski Orienteering is one of three Nordic ski disciplines that are practiced for recreation and for competition in New York State. Local events are calendared and coordinated by the New York State Ski Racing Association – Nordic, Inc. Orienteering involves navigation with a compass between points on a map of unfamiliar territory.

Sounds too complicated?  All you have to do is show up with your cross country skis, pay a few bucks entry fee, and find a few locations on the map.  All the locations will be on a trail, some more obscure trails than others.  If the sun is obscured a compass might help.

Each winter season as many as a dozen ski orienteering events are held hosted by a handful of local orienteering clubs. Many of these events are qualifiers for NYSSRA Nordic Championships held each year in early March.

For more information about ski orienteering contact NYSSRA – Nordic’s ski orienteering chairman Chris Frielinghaus by leaving a reply below.