Results: Webster Park / 2015-02-22

NameClassCourseTimeScoreStatusRank In ClassRank On CoursePointsCounts Toward Two Races / One Completion / Bonus Points

Stina BridgemanF19+Dir5y/y/n

Olga HuberF40+redDNF0y/n/n
Karen DisljenkovicF40+white01:58:04NIC20y/n/n

Louise CookF55+orangeDNF0y/n/n
Anne SchwartzF55+orange01:17:58NIC20y/n/n

Dayle LavineF70+green02:16:52FIN1310y/y/y

Greg MichelsM19+Dir5y/y/n
Sean SimsM19+orange01:36:46NIC30y/n/n
Martin HoogendijkM19+red01:21:54FIN1110y/y/y
Tyler BordenM19+redNIC10y/n/n
Chad BordenM19+red02:15:01NIC40y/n/n

Michael AlexanderM40+orange01:58:27NIC40y/n/n
Gary MaslankaM40+red01:47:04FIN1210y/y/y
Rick WornerM40+red01:53:00FIN238y/y/y
Don WinslowM40+white00:52:12NIC10y/n/n

Thomas HayM55+green01:16:55FIN1110y/y/y
Richard DetwilerM55+green01:29:06NIC20y/n/n
Ed DellerM55+orange01:09:11NIC10y/n/n

Rick LavineM70+green02:30:23FIN1410y/y/y

Key: FIN = race finished, NIC = not in class (skier did not compete on designated course for his/her age class or competitor completed the course on foot or snowshoes instead of skis), DNF = did not finish, MSP = mispunch, DSQ = disqualified, OVT = overtime, Dir = meet director