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Rescheduled Empire State Games Ski-O     February 17-18, 2018





Despite the ups and downs with the winter weather there is still good snow cover in the Lake Placid area!


We have made dinner reservations at the Cascade Inn on Rte 73 for 6 pm on Saturday.  Please let us know whether or not you plan to attend – we hope you can join us!


SATURDAY:  venue is Dewey Mountain Recreation Center in Saranac Lake, located on Rte 3 on the western edge of the town.  Check in at the lodge.  First start is at 11:00 am; time limit is 3 hours.  This is a relatively small venue so there will be many controls in a confined area, and keeping track of control number sequences and directional lines is key.
Courses (distances approximate):

Long  (9.3 km; 27 controls) M19+, M40+, F19+

Medium  (5 km; 15 controls)  M16, M55+, M70+, F40+, F55+


You may ski in either direction on the trails regardless of the trail signs but be alert for oncoming traffic when you are going the “wrong” way. There will be many recreational skiers on the trails; some will be inexperienced who may not realize you are racing so don’t expect them to automatically yield to you. Please give as much warning as possible when overtaking and yield to downhill skiers.


Map scale for all courses is 1:5000.  There will be 1 map exchange for the Short Advanced and 2 exchanges for the Long.  There will be a marked route on your map leading to the map exchange.


SUNDAY:  venue is Mt. van Hoevenberg, about 4 miles / 7 km southeast of Lake Placid on Rte 73.  Park in the cross country lot (not the biathlon area) and check in at the timing building across the field from the lodge.  First start is at 10 am; time limit is 3 hours.  This course has more long legs than Saturday’s; there are significant gains to be made with route choice


Courses (exact distances and control numbers to be determined on Friday):

Long  (10 km) same age classes as Saturday

Medium (5 km) same age classes as Saturday


Map scale for all courses is 1:10000.  The long course will have maps printed on both sides of the paper; you must flip twice.


Skiers must follow the one way arrow trail arrows shown in red on the map! These are placed to prevent unexpected encounters with regular skiers on long hills. Failure to follow the arrows is grounds for disqualification. This is a condition imposed by the venue. This is a long weekend in the US, so please remember there will be many tourists who are inexperienced skiers out on the trails – they will not realize you are racing so don’t expect them to automatically yield to you, though they should pull over if you ask politely!

If you are going up a hill not marked with red arrows be aware that you may encounter skiers coming downhill towards you at high speed.  Downhill skiers have right of way.

You may disregard the one way trail signs but MUST follow the one way arrows on your map.


We hope you enjoy the competition, and welcome your feedback in order to make future events even better!

Timing: Phil Hawkes-Teeter

Meet Directors: Janet Findlay and David Hunter


Results and Splits will be posted on Attack Point (attackpoint.org

FEB. 17-18, 2018



Saturday                    Sunday  

Phil Hawkes-Teeter M70+ Short Advanced 10:45
Ralph Lindzon M40+


Long Advanced (Sat)
Short Advanced (Sun)
Tyler Koziol (Saturday only) M16 Short Advanced 11:01
Andrew Cornett M40+ Long Advanced 11:02
Thayer Raines M55+ Short Advanced 11:03
Cathy Bakker F19+ Long Advanced 11:04
Eric Hamilton (Saturday only) M70+ Short Advanced 11:05
Robbie Graham M 19+ Long Advanced 11:06
Candice Raines F55+ Short Advanced 11:07
Martin Valiquette M 40+ Long Advanced 11:08
Nathan Collingsworth M 16 Short Advanced 11:09
Marketa Graham F19+ Long Advanced 11:10
Linda Valiquette F40+ Short Advanced 11:11
Mitch Collingsworth M40+ Long Advanced 11:12
Tom Hay M55+ Short Advanced 11:13
Sue Hawkes-Teeter F55+ Short Advanced 11:15
Chris Frielinghaus M 40+ Long Advanced 11:16
Stina Bridgeman F19+ Long Advanced 11:18


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