Nov 232020

There will be some changes to our ski-o events this season. Many of these, related to the corona virus situation, are only temporary (hopefully). However one permanent change that we all must be aware of is the banning of carbon fluoro waxes. This has been imposed by international bodies like FIS and the IOF and has been adopted by national and regional jurisdictions including US Ski & Snowboard, OUSA and NYSSRA Nordic. It covers all waxes, including top coats, kick, glide and klister. Most waxes sold these days contain come degree of fluoro so will have to be trashed, but the good news is that there are many new easy to apply, non-fluoro products becoming available to replace them – and they’re fast!

Regarding the virus situation – we plan to follow OUSA’s event procedures for our events this winter. These have been in place for foot-o events since last March, and while they mean a different type of event, they do enable us to get out and orienteer. Most participants feel it’s a small sacrifice to make while we’re waiting for our activities to return to normal.

For the 20-21 season participants will register, sign the waiver and pay their fee online to the event organizer. They will be sent a link where they can download and print their course map. Participants will time themselves while on course and submit their times afterwards to the event organizer. Control markers will be left out on course for at least a weekend, and longer if possible, enabling participants to ski the course at their convenience. Details specific to each venue, including how to pay the trail pass fee, will be published prior to each event in the meet notes.

So far we’re planning the following events:
Dec. 19-20 – Lapland Lake (Eric Hamilton, organizer)
Dec. 21-Jan. 10 – Mt. van Hoevenberg (Janet Findlay, organizer)
Jan. 23-31 – Cole Hill Score-O (Phil Hawkes-Teeter, organizer)

More events will be added as the season progresses. Unfortunately the 2021 Empire State Winter Games have been cancelled. Please follow your state’s, municipality’s and venue’s COVID guidelines, including travel restrictions. We’re all desperate to do as much ski orienteering as we can, but the more we work together on this the sooner we’ll be back to normal.

Keep checking back for updates, and also check our Facebook page ( for last minute information. See you on the trails!


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